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Unfinished Business: Starting Again

I love talking about things that ain't easy to get done. Finding the energy to start an unfinished project is one of them. Recently, I found myself unsuccessfully trying to sum up the motivation to continue a few projects I set aside to get married this past summer. I thought once the wedding was over, I would be able to give my projects the attention they deserved. WRONG. Afterwards, I still cycled in and out of motivation to write and do anything remotely related to launching my business. I definitely made excuses, my favorite being "I did just get married, maybe I should relax for a little while". Eventually I had to asked myself, was there any truth to that statement? 

For the most part, yes, I did actually need a break after my wedding. I was mentally exhausted from juggling wedding planning, blogging, researching for my business and everything else I was trying to get done. However, I also recognized that my excuses were extending my "need for a break". Th…

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